A Harpo employee helps set up a bicycle onstage.

During the show Ask Dr. Oz III, Dr. Mehmet Oz answers audience members' embarrassing medical questions. A Harpo employee sets up a bicycle onstage before Dr. Oz talks about bicycle seats' possible effect on fertility.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Oprah

Oprah greets Sarah Jessica Parker before they discuss Sarah's clothing line, Bitten, on the show Sarah Jessica Parker: Fab Without a Fortune.
Victoria Hagan and Oprah

Oprah introduces a segment with top home designer Victoria Hagan.
Reggie Wells and Oprah

Makeup artist Reggie Wells gives Oprah a little touchup during the show Wives Confess They Are Gay.

Oprah shakes hands with audience members as she takes the stage.

Alex, an associate producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, talks to the audience before Gayle King gives her picks for The Best Pizza in America.
Oprah and Cole Haan creative director Gordon Thompson

Oprah shows off a pair of high-heeled boots by Cole Haan—and they're actually comfortable!
Nate Berkus and Oprah

Oprah chats with Nate Berkus while Harpo employees set the stage for his segment featuring decorating ideas for any budget.
Oprah talks to the audience

Oprah chats with the audience during the show Are You Ready for a Windfall?


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