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During the robbery, Angi recognized her attacker. "I kept thinking, 'I know this guy,'" Angi remembers. "How could he not know I'd recognize him? He's 6'6"! You don't forget a 6'6" guy!"

Angi realized the man had been in the store just three days earlier to get a loan! "[He] visited with me for about 20 minutes," she says. "I remember looking at him, going, 'Gee, he's a gentle giant.' He was really nice. I was not scared by him at all."

When applying for the loan, the man provided his home address—which police used to locate and arrest 28-year-old Junior Fea, who confessed to the robbery. Police also learned that the gun used in the robbery was a fake.

"We're so proud," Cy says of his wife. "It was scary to know as a husband there was nothing I could do, and I'm just so proud how she acted and just did everything she could to make sure she still could be my wife and a great mother to our kids. We're so thankful."
FROM: The Bank-Robbing Dad and the Shocked Sons Who Turned Him In
Published on January 25, 2006


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