Sister Mother Assumpta
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In recent years, the number of women wanting to become brides of Christ have been strong. Since their last Oprah Show appearance, Dominican Sisters of Mary has had nearly double the amount of young women wanting to become nuns, and Sister Mary Samuel says mother houses across the United States are running out of room. "The Holy Spirit is really moving the community," she says.

Sister Maria Catherine says she doesn't wonder about the life she left behind. "I remember with my last job I had a laptop and I had the cell phone and the PDA and the whatever," she says. "It's so freeing to be without those things and knowing that I can focus on what's more important, which is the infinite, the eternal."

Above all, Sister Maria Catherine appreciates the mix of the human and divine the convent provides. "We have bad days and good days, just like the rest," she says. "But what's so wonderful about our life is we're all striving for the highest possible good for the other. To love someone is to seek their greatest possible good."

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