Sister Maria on formation
After the aspirant level, the sisters become postulants and go through a process called formation. "[For] three years, you take classes in interpersonal skills, basically. ... You take courses in sacred scripture, on doctrine, Catholic doctrine. So then you have just practical things of how to live the life," Sister Maria says. "You don't want to enter into this blind. None of the sisters walk into this with their heads buried in the sand. They know what they're getting into. So we want them to be happy in the religious life or out of the religious life."

For the first year, sisters wear the postulant uniform—a white blouse, blue vest, blue skirt, black belt and black shoes. In years two and three, the sisters are called novices and wear a white veil. After year three, the sisters take their first vows in ceremony where they make their first vows to Jesus Christ. They also receive a black veil. After another five years wearing a black veil, the sisters will take their final vows and become a professed bride of Christ.
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Published on November 23, 2010


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