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Every week, Elizabeth hears from a diverse group of readers, many of whom want to know—will A New Earth interfere with their religious beliefs?

Elizabeth says the teachings in this book are not part of another belief system. In fact, she compares the lessons to the honey in your tea or sugar in your coffee. "It's really a sweetener," she says. "If you are a religious person, and you practice ... being fully present and alive in the moment, and let's say your moment is church or the mosque or temple. Wow, that's just going to make it even better."

Read Elizabeth's definition of spirituality and religion.

Oprah says books like A New Earth help readers connect to their spirits, souls, consciousness...or whatever you want to call it. Elizabeth says they also help answer questions like, "Who am I?" and "What's my purpose?"

"Every one of us here in this audience, we long for something more than just getting up and battling our way through life," she says. "We somehow sense that there's something more, that we came from somewhere, that we're going somewhere. This journey we're on in life is really an eternal journey. Religions grew up around those deep questions."
FROM: A New Earth Phenomenon: An Hour That Can Change Your Life
Published on June 09, 2008


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