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After losing everything, Jillian says she suffered from anxiety and was barely able to go out in public. Then, she logged on to Oprah and Eckhart's weekly Web class. During the Chapter 1 discussion, Jillian says the author said something that saved her.

"For many people, that's a very important lesson when suddenly they do lose something," Eckhart said. "It can be a wonderful spiritual lesson. Then perhaps you suffer, and then your attachment gets broken, and suddenly, you go beyond the attachment. There have been people who have lost everything and suddenly become free of the ego because the ego had nothing left to identify with."

Jillian says Eckhart's words helped her learn to accept the present moment as it is. "[It] helped me was to see that those attachments were very, very superficial," she says. "What I was experiencing—the anxiety and the loss and everything—was really just an acceptance of looking in the mirror and seeing myself...and finding out what was left when all those things were stripped away."
FROM: A New Earth Phenomenon: An Hour That Can Change Your Life
Published on June 09, 2008


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