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Elizabeth wasn't always connected to her spiritual self. As a child, she says she had a premature terror of death and was neurotically obsessed with where she would go when she died.

When she was in her mid-20s, Elizabeth had a defining spiritual moment, which she shares in the May 2008 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. The moment occurred as she sat at the bedside of a close friend who was dying from cancer. "I sort of followed her breathing out, and as she took her last breaths, I sort of went a little ways with her," Elizabeth says. "It was in that moment, I really had something that you can hardly describe...some miraculous moment where I really got in touch with my eternal soul."

By dropping some association of herself as only her body, Elizabeth says she was able to go a little ways with her friend as she passed away. "That really set me on my path," she says.
FROM: A New Earth Phenomenon: An Hour That Can Change Your Life
Published on June 09, 2008


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