Soothing Spas in Daylesford, Australia
See what several Oprah Show Ultimate Viewers did when they visited Daylesford's soothing spas.
Lake Daylesford
With its misty lakes, idyllic gardens, antique shops and natural springs, Daylesford is known as Victoria's relaxing spa-country region, located just 90 minutes away from Melbourne.
Entrance to the Lake House in Daylesford, Australia
On their visit to Daylesford, our Ultimate Viewers went to the Lake House, an award-winning hotel, restaurant and spa situated on Lake Daylesford.
The Lake House in Daylesford, Australia
When they weren't enjoying spa treatments at the Lake House's Salus Spa, our Ultimate Viewers took in the charming natural scenery on the house grounds.
Lunch at the Lake House in Daylesford, Australia
For lunch, the table was decorated with flowers cut fresh from the gardens and food was provided by local suppliers.
Menu from the Lake House in Daylesford, Australia
The menu for lunch at the Lake House was painted by Allan Wolf-Tasker, the husband of the Lake House's executive chef, Alla Wolf-Tasker, who said he painted it—calling it "Rousseau's Sleeping Chef"—to represent Alla's passion for food and creativity, so powerful that it invades her dreams and is unfazed by everyday distractions, which is symbolized by the image of her dog.
Dessert at the Lake House in Daylesford, Australia
From start to finish, the meal at the Lake House was as beautiful as it was delicious. It ended with two desserts, including this multitude of chocolates.
Peppers Springs Spa in Daylesford, Australia
Another one of Daylesford's incredible spas is Peppers Springs, a grand 1930s guest house that has been transformed into a chic retreat with leafy gardens, stunning courtyards and the award-winning Mineral Spa, featuring hot and cool plunge pools, a stone bath sauna and the only operating soft pak float beds—where the bed floor recedes and you float on a hammock of warm water without getting wet—in the Southern Hemisphere.
Hepburn Springs Bathhouse in Daylesford, Australia
At the historic Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, our Ultimate Viewers indulged in the warm mineral waters and luxurious relaxation treatments that left them feeling soothed and replenished—and ready for the rest of their trip.

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