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Wendy Kramer and her son, Ryan, are the people to thank for bringing thousands of donor-conceived children together with their half siblings and biological fathers.

In 2000, they created the Donor Sibling Registry website to help Ryan track down his sperm donor father. Since then, thousands of members have logged on to learn more about their genetic origins, and many have found success. Wendy says more than 4,200 people have discovered the identity of their half siblings or donor dad. "There's not a day that goes by that at least two or three people don't match up with each other," she says. "[It's] way beyond our wildest dreams."

Ryan says it's amazing to be able to help children like himself. "I know exactly what it feels like to be searching for your half siblings and your donor, as well," he says. "When I hear these figures...it's a really incredible feeling."

Since launching the website, Ryan says the best experience has been connecting with his half sister, Anna. "She's just delightful, and she's got the best parents," he says. "We couldn't be more happy to have met these people, and it's been just an incredibly enriching and wonderful experience."
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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