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Though these long-lost siblings have yet to find their father, donor #46, Stacy says she's made peace with it. "Actually meeting Chris has made that kind of okay with me," she says. "It seems like we've been talking about this void that occurs inside of you when you're conceived this way, and you find different ways to fill it. For me, finding Chris has kind of filled that void."

Growing up, Chris says he didn't realize something was missing from his life. "I think if there was a void, there were many wonderful ways to fill that void, [which] bore wonderful fruits," he says.

When Stacy and Chris connected, he was volunteering with the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. "Maybe not knowing as much about where I come from and always feeling a bit foreign in other people's places [made me] want to jump into their lives," he says.

Now that they've found each other, Chris and Stacy are hoping to meet other siblings...if there are any more out there. "I mean, the more the merrier," Stacy says.
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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