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When Stacy was in middle school, she says she had a hard time explaining where her father was to other kids. "So I just told them that my dad was not around," she says. In reality, Stacy didn't know much about the man who donated the sperm used in her conception.

Kim, Stacy's mom, says her daughter always yearned for a larger family. "She's an only child. ... I think she would have liked to have had siblings when she was growing up," she says. "She's grown up wondering about that other side of her family."

As she got older, Stacy's curiosity about her biological father grew stronger. She logged onto the Donor Sibling Registry to search for more information, but instead, she discovered Chris. She immediately noticed their mothers went to the same fertility clinic. After seeing his photo, she began thinking they might have a lot more in common.

"The chin and even the nose, especially the eyes...that's the first thing I noticed," she says. "We really have the same eyes. I felt like I was looking at a version of myself, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high until I knew for sure."

Further research revealed that she and Chris had both lived in Paris during college and were fluent in French. "I was just like, 'This can't be just a coincidence!'" she says.

Stacy asked her mother for her biological dad's donor number—46. She then e-mailed Chris with the news. After discovering he had a half sister, Chris says he jumped around yelling, "Is it possible that I have a sister? I can't believe this is possible!"
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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