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When Christina contacted Phillip, he was the father of young twins. Now that his children are 13, what do they think about the situation? "That's a work in progress," Phillip says.

In the years since he donated sperm, Phillip says he occasionally would think about the children he might have helped to conceive. "But then your life just goes forward. You keep doing things," he says. "When [Christina] called and we talked, right from the start everything just came flooding to me. When we first met, it was awe-inspiring."

Now that they have known each other a few years, Phillip says he does feel in many ways like a father to Christina. "In a sense I do because of the things that we have in common, which are just incredible, just the things that we talk about in the flow," he says. "As far as cracking the whip or anything, [I do] nothing like that. I know she has a real dad. But if she calls me for advice, I give her advice. First I say, 'What did your dad say? What did your mom say? Now I can give you advice.'"

In all, Phillip says his sperm donations resulted in the births of seven children. Besides Christina, only one other child has contacted him. "We talked about five minutes, and then he said, 'Call me back.' I called him back, and then he never returned the call," Phillip says. "I'm not going to interject myself into his life. If he wants to talk to me, hey, he can call."
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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