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When Christina's mother decided to conceive using donated sperm, she had a specific kind of man in mind. "My mom decided to use African-American sperm because she's actually a white woman, and she wanted her children to match, and [my siblings'] fathers are both black," Christina says.

Although Christina always knew how she was conceived, she says something was missing from her life. "This education, this medical background, this knowledge, these looks, you know?" she says. "I wanted to know the black side of me. I just wanted answers." Growing up, Christina says she always looked forward to finding out more about her biological father. "I knew when I turned 18 that I was allowed to meet him," she says.

When she was old enough, Christina finally learned her biological father's name—Phillip. Eager to end her yearslong wait, she made a phone call that would change her life. "When I first called him, I was absolutely nervous. I was shaking," she says. "I gave him my number if he wanted to call back, and he did."

In a marathon conversation lasting four to five hours, Phillip and Christina shared everything about their lives—from where Phillip grew up to their shared sense of humor. "I was able to dip into this bucket of information to find out all the answers that I was looking for," she says.

Since that first phone call, Christina, who is now 22, and Phillip have forged a relationship that Christina says has enriched her life. "I call him Dad," she says. "He's like my second dad."
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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