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Nineteen-year-old Katrina has known for her entire life that she is a donor-conceived child. "My mom has always been very open and honest with me," she says. "It totally lessens the amount of secrecy involved, so there's less pain in the process of finding out who I am."

Although she knew the truth about her biological father growing up, Katrina says it hurt to see her friends with their fathers. "I didn't understand why I couldn't have a relationship like that," she says. "Even when I approached my mother, she couldn't say anything. It's already been done. I've been born. It was more a sense of loss, a sense of grief." At times, Katrina says she also felt angry. "I felt that I was a product. I am a product of an industry," she says. "It kind of dehumanizes everything."

Katrina began a search for the donor in order to learn the answers to some important questions. "What is my complete medical history? Does he have an interest in music? Where does he live? Does he have any kids of his own? Does he ever think about me?" she says. "I just wanted to know anything and everything I could."

Katrina's efforts paid off, and she found her biological father. She says she wants to have a relationship with him, but that hasn't really happened. "Just basically e-mails back and forth," she says.
FROM: The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Published on March 14, 2008


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