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Annette fell for her real-life leading man, actor Warren Beatty, while filming Bugsy in the early 1990s. Warren says he knew Annette would change his life just seconds after meeting her.

The happy Hollywood couple has been married for 14 years, and they have four children together. How does Annette balance a film career and family life?

"There are good days and bad days," she says. "I think every parent feels that. Some days, you feel that you're doing it the way you want to do it, and other days, you don't have as much patience."

As the youngest of four, Annette says she always wanted children. "That came first for me," she says. "When I envisioned acting and being a mom, I had a lot of worries that it would be really a hard thing to do together. But, I've found over the years, that I'm so fortunate because I can take such large amounts of time when I'm not shooting anything, and I can really be there for my kids."

Warren is also the kind of father that's always there for his children, Annette says. "He's a thoughtful [father]," she says.
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Published on September 29, 2006


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