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Singing sensation Lionel Richie has won five Grammy awards and sold 100 million albums worldwide. His latest CD, Coming Home, is the highest selling album of his 30-year career and truly a homecoming of sorts.

"R&B is where the Commodores and Lionel Richie started," he says. "I've been calypso. We've danced on the ceiling. We've done 'All Night Long' and 'Hello,' but we haven't been back to just ground-floor R&B."

The songs on this record also reflect a more mature Lionel. "I'm older and wiser," he says. "We do it slowly now. When you're 19 to 35, everything's in a hurry. Now, 'All Night Long' is down to a fierce half hour."

Lionel is here to perform the album's first chart-topping single, "I Call It Love," which he says wasn't written for anyone in particular. In fact, he says this is the first album he's ever composed as a single man. "Some of the lyrics that I've written on this album I would not have written if I were married," he says.
FROM: Annette Bening, Oscar® Winner Morgan Freeman and Lionel Richie
Published on September 29, 2006


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