And the Nominees Are…
Daniel Day-Lewis via satellite
Recognized for his eccentric roles and commitment to his craft, many consider Daniel Day-Lewis one of the greatest actors of this generation. In 1990, Daniel won an Academy Award® for his passionate portrayal of Christy Brown, an artist suffering from crippling cerebral palsy, in My Left Foot.

Daniel earned his second Oscar nomination for In the Name of the Father and his third for his role as the villainous Bill the Butcher in Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York.

His fourth nomination has come for Daniel's deeply unsettling performance as Daniel Plainview—a dishonest oil prospector who will stop at nothing to make his fortune—in There Will Be Blood, the film adaptation of Upton Sinclair's novel Oil!.

Daniel says getting out of the character after shooting finished was not easy. "There's a reluctance to let go of that life, even if the life has sometimes led you into places where you feel strong conflict within yourself. Nonetheless, the work has been fascinating enough and has unleashed a curiosity that then you can't really control just because somebody says it's time to go home now. And so I think it is important to let time pass—I certainly couldn't conceive of going straight back to work immediately after," he says. "It's like the house is haunted for a while. But it's with your invitation, in a way, that the house remains haunted."