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Oprah calls Marion's performance in La Vie en Rose transformative. "It's like you opened yourself up and poured her in," Oprah says.

From the moment she read the script, Marion says she knew she couldn't pass up this role. "You don't have the opportunity being a 30-year-old to play a whole life," she says. "I saw right away it was something unique that I would have so much fun."

Marion says that, in some ways, she's been preparing for this role her entire life. "When I was young, I loved to play the old lady, the old man. That was back when I was in 9 on stage in vacation camp," she says.

Marion says she spent a lot of time watching and listening to Edith. "I chose a way to work which is not a very classical way. I decided not to experience the voice or the body language until I was on set," she says. "I would say I fed myself with her."
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Published on March 14, 2008


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