An Osmond Family Tribute
George and Olive Osmond
The Osmond family—who has been entertaining us for 50 years—is an amazing musical legacy started by one extraordinary couple. George and Olive Osmond had nine children, who then had 55 children, who then had 48 kids of their own!

Sadly, the patriarch of the Osmond family passed away on November 6, 2007. George Osmond Sr. was 90 years old.

More than 100 Osmonds had already been invited to appear on The Oprah Show, and the family decided that it was important for the show to go on.

See how we got all of the Osmonds to Chicago. Watch  

"Donny called us to say the family would be here and that this show would be in honor of their dad," Oprah says. "He also told us that they wanted this show to be a celebration of the life of his dad, so they're here today to take us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip down memory lane."