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Today, Donny is a 49-year-old father of five and a grandfather. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 29 years.

With 55 albums under his belt, he's singing to sold-out crowds and still making the ladies swoon, but Donny says being a teen heartthrob wasn't all it's cracked up to be. "It got to a point where there was so much adulation but I was very lonely," he says. "You saw the adulation and the screams [at the concerts] but you go to a very silent hotel room and, you know, being the Mormon that I am, I didn't have any premarital sex or anything like that so that was just out of the question."

When Donny did meet his wife, he had to date her secretly. "My wife dated my brother Jay for a while," he says. "And I kind of stole her from him."

It all started on a double date, Donny says. "We had more fun than our respective dates. So eventually I stole her away from Jay."

But not to worry, Jay found a "jewel," Marie says. "They're perfectly paired. It's interesting. As I watched all my brothers' marriages, they really complement each other," she says. "I promise you this, I wish my parents could raise every man out there. I have great brothers."
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Published on November 09, 2007


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