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Marie is a woman who can hold her own—she's the only girl in a family with eight brothers! Marie was just 3 years old when she danced her way into America's hearts on The Andy Williams Show. At 13, Marie was the first female artist to debut on the country charts at number one with her song "Paper Roses." As a teenager, she was already a Grammy-nominated star.

Her sassy style on The Donny and Marie Show got Hollywood's attention. She went on to star in TV movies and opened to sold-out crowds on Broadway in The King and I.

Today, Marie presides over a multimillion dollar doll empire. The Olive doll, named after her mother, broke QVC sales records.

Still, her proudest creation is her family. She has eight children, ages 5 to 24.

Marie's personal ups and downs have played out in the spotlight. In 1999, she revealed her secret struggle with postpartum depression on The Oprah Show and in her New York Times best-seller, Behind the Smile. In spring 2007, Marie also announced she's divorcing her husband of 20 years.
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Published on November 09, 2007