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Andy Kahan, director of Houston's Crime Victims Unit, is a former probation officer for sex offenders and knows how their devious minds work. "They're extremely calculating, they're devious, they're cunning, they're secretive, they're diabolical," Andy says. "They know how to play the game. They know exactly what they're doing. They plan, they manipulate and they cultivate. These are a different breed of felon than you'll ever have to deal with."

In one particularly chilling episode, authorities found a journal inside a convicted sex offender's jail cell. In the journal—what they're now calling the "Molester's Manual"—he had laid out a step-by-step plan to find his next victims.

One of these frightening fantasies involved finding his prey in a hospital emergency room: "Park in hospital parking lot. Look for families with girls. Be sure family is small. Not too many adults. Be sure children see you. Stand near counter as if speaking with parents. Tell her you need to be strong. Walk the girl to your car. Say, 'We're going to eat. Remember, we must get some food for your parents, too.'"

Andy says of the half-million sex offenders on the streets, about 25 percent—roughly 100,000 sex offenders—are not in compliance with their rules and conditions of parole, probation and registry. "That is a national public safety health crisis," Andy says.
FROM: Kidnapped by a Pedophile: The Shasta Groene Tragedy
Published on October 04, 2005


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