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Elizabeth joins Oprah via satellite from the campaign trail in Davenport, Iowa. She shares some encouraging news about the characteristics of her tumor. "I have receptors—estrogen and progesterone receptors—in that cancer, which is going to mean I have a bigger smorgasbord of medicine available for me," she says. "It's a very hopeful sign for fighting the cancer. There's more artillery available to me."

Although Elizabeth says the cancer hasn't affected how she feels physically, the rib she originally broke is still giving her some trouble. Still, she says she's grateful for it because it led to the tests that detected the cancer. "So now we're going about treating it much earlier than we would have if I'd waited to find symptoms," she says.

Staying in the race after her diagnosis was a quick decision, and Elizabeth says it was made in the hospital room after her diagnosis. "John first waited for me to say what I wanted. And what I wanted was to continue the campaign," she says. "I already have lost time to cancer. I'm going to lose time in the future to cancer. I just don't want to lose today to cancer if I don't have to." After consulting the doctor about whether campaigning would affect her prognosis, Elizabeth says the decision was solidified. "So it's full speed ahead," she says.

Had Elizabeth decided to go home and ask John to come with her, would he have done so? "He has said he would be there for me any time I needed him," she says. "He kind of knows me better than that, though. He knows that I'm a fighter and I'm unlikely to give in to this."
FROM: America Talks to Oprah
Published on April 06, 2007


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