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Four years later, Ben discovered he had an amazing gift. He can see the world through the click of his tongue. "By clicking my tongue on the top of my mouth ... it makes a sound and I hear things around me," Ben says.

The technical term for Ben's ability is called echolocation. Dolphins make a similar sound in the water to help them navigate, but experts say it's rare for a human to be able to do. Ben can tell what material is around him because each substance has its own sound.

At 14 years old, Ben is like any other teenager. He plays video games, hangs out with his friends, and takes regular classes at school. He even has a yellow belt in Karate and rollerblades.

Ben says his blindness won't ever hold him back. "I will never use a cane. A cane is for other people who cannot walk," Ben says. "I'm not falling over."

Ben even hopes to drive someday! He says he can do it with the help of radar and GPS. "Watch," Ben says. "I'm gonna do it, too."
FROM: The Secret Language of Babies
Published on September 23, 2008


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