Amazing World Record Feats
Contortionist Leslie Tipton folds herself into a suitcase.
Contortionist Leslie Tipton
Oprah's bag is packed, and she's ready for an adventure! What she has inside her suitcase is sure to get the show rolling.

As she unzips the zipper, the mystery contents are revealed. Inside, folded up like an accordion, lays Leslie Tipton, a professional contortionist!

In 2007, Leslie wiggled her way into Guinness World Records for being the fastest person to get into a suitcase and zip it up from the inside. This 37-year-old Californian can complete this feat in 13.31 seconds. "My flexibility is supernatural," she says. "I squish myself in there just like you'd squish your clothes in."

"This is a talent I didn't even know existed in the world," Oprah says.