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While at the Toronto International Film Festival, Janice Flisfeder, began to feel dizzy and dehydrated. Then, all of a sudden, she fainted.

"The next thing I remember," she says, "was waking up on the floor and someone was brushing my hair back and kissing me and whispering in my ear, 'You're okay, sweetheart. Wake up. It's all right.' So I thought, 'Who is this person that's whispering sweet nothings to me?' And I tilted my head back and I thought, 'Oh, my God.' It was Matthew McConaughey. I was told that I got mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from this hunk. And, unfortunately, I missed it because I was out cold on the floor."

Toronto newspapers reported the story, which quickly became known worldwide.

But that wasn't the last time Janice heard from this movie star. For her 50th birthday, Janice's husband, Avram, arranged for Matthew to call her. "And it turned out he told me that it was also his mother's birthday," Janice says. "But I let him know that I was much younger than his mother!"

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FROM: I Was the One
Published on September 12, 2005