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DNA tests concluded the two Mias are sisters! Without the birth parents, they can't determine whether the girls are twins, but Diana says it's pretty obvious that they are.

When Diana first heard that her daughter had a biological sibling living in the United States, she says she was in complete shock. "It's like an emotional roller coaster because first you think, 'Wow, can this really be?' And then you think, 'There's strings attached to this miracle,'" she says. "Then you think of God's awesomeness … and how he perfectly orchestrated everything to bring them together."

On August 18, 2006, the long-lost sisters were reunited in Chicago. Moments after meeting, they were walking through the airport, holding hands. "They had never met or seen each other before, but it was like an instant click," Diana says.

Holly and Diana aren't going to let their daughters lose touch a second time. The two Mias talk on the phone once a week, and the families plan to visit each other a few times a year. "Hopefully, [they'll] grow up to be great friends," Diana says. "Besides sisters, great friends."
FROM: Miracle Sextuplets, Twins Reunited: Super Siblings
Published on April 10, 2007


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