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The story of two American families and two little girls named Mia may read like a Hollywood script, but this miraculous reunion really happened.

In July 2004, Holly and Doug Funk, an Illinois couple raising five children, decided to adopt a baby girl from China who had been abandoned at a textile factory. They named her Mia.

"When I received her in my arms the day that we got her, she captured my heart right away," Holly says. "I just wanted to take her home."

Hundreds of miles away in Florida, Diana and Carlos Ramirez, parents of two sons, were also making plans to adopt. "I've always dreamt of a little girl," Diana says. "I was happy with my two boys, but always felt like this emptiness, like I wanted a daughter."

Diana says she was instantly drawn to photos of a Chinese toddler who was born with a hole in her heart and abandoned as a newborn. The moment she saw this little girl, she says she knew what her name would be. "Something in my heart said, 'Name her Mia,'" she says.

In October 2005, Diana and her family traveled overseas to bring their 2-year-old daughter home. "Mia is everything to our family," she says. "She's just such an awesome joy."
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Published on April 10, 2007


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