All-American Tragedy
Oprah and Baby Boy Hope headline
In 1999, the residents of Columbia Station, Ohio, woke up on a Tuesday morning to a horrific headline: "Newborn Boy Found Stabbed in Duffel Bag in Quarry." The community named him Baby Boy Hope and gave him a memorial service.

For the next six years, police made it their mission to bring the person responsible to justice. They believed they were looking for a monster, but the person who eventually came forward shocked them all.

Jessica Coleman—former cheerleader, star athlete and honor student—confessed to the crime. She was 15 years old at the time of the baby's death.

"I could be playing in a park right now with my son, but I'm not. I'm sitting in prison. This is never what I thought my life would be. I made a terrible, terrible mistake," Jessica says in an interview from prison.