Oprah talks to Jessica Coleman via satellite.

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Six months after the baby was left in the quarry, the Lorain County Sheriff's Office received a call from a diver who said he'd found a rock-filled bag with a baby's body inside.

The baby, who weighed only four and a half pounds, was wrapped in towels, had a fractured skull and a stab wound to the chest. He also had a barrette clipped to his umbilical cord.

The news sent the community reeling. "The community kind of gelled together and kind of rose up a little bit out of fear. Like, who could have done this in our community?" Sheriff's Detective Karl Yost says.

"I was looking for a monster," he says. "I had no idea who would stab a child, crush its skull, stuff it in a plastic bag, put it in a duffel bag, pile rocks on top of it, zip it shut, throw it in a quarry, never to be heard from again."
FROM: Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby
Published on November 03, 2006