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Shortly after giving birth, Jessica went downstairs to eat dinner with her family. "I kept thinking, 'I need to say something right now. I need to get help while there's still possibly a chance to help him in any way,' and I couldn't," Jessica says.

After excusing herself from the table, Jessica returned to her room and found the baby's condition hadn't changed. Jessica says she then decided to stab the baby with a knife. "I stabbed him in the chest because I thought I was taking away his pain," Jessica says. "I didn't do it to hurt him intentionally."

Jessica says she then put the baby in a duffel bag, hid it in her closet and went to school the next day. Tom arrived at her home that evening. "Tom took the duffel bag and he ended up tossing the duffel bag in a quarry near where we lived at the time," Jessica says. "I felt scared. I didn't know what he was going to do beforehand. And after he told me what he had done, I felt terrible then, too."
FROM: Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby
Published on November 03, 2006


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