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When Jessica was a freshman, she began dating senior Tom Truelson, a popular basketball star. The relationship quickly became serious. "It was about four or five months into the relationship before Tom and I became intimate, and he was my first," Jessica says.

After Jessica missed her period, she took a pregnancy test. "It's as if within those few minutes that that test registered [positive] I felt like my life was completely taken away from me," Jessica says.

She says the couple made a pact to keep the pregnancy a secret. Jessica said no one ever noticed she was pregnant. "I had an eating disorder at the time. I was both anorexic and bulimic. I played sports. I would only eat when I was in front of people so they wouldn't think something was wrong," Jessica says.

Jessica also says when Tom would come home from college, he would "sometimes stand on my stomach so it wouldn't protrude forward." Tom denies ever doing this.

"It became my number one goal not to let anyone realize that I was pregnant. So I did all these things that seem ridiculous to me now just in order to not put on one more pound or to not show in any way," Jessica says.
FROM: Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby
Published on November 03, 2006