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Jessica says she had never heard of safe haven laws when she was pregnant. "When I look back, more than anything I wish I would have just turned to somebody as soon as I found out. If I would have known of things like [safe haven laws], I could have had a plan," she says. "I could have figured out something and possibly taken him somewhere where he could have been safe. I feel that if I would have been more knowledgeable of options, the outcome never would have been what it is today."

Jessica says she is determined to educate children to prevent something like what she did from happening again. "When I am released I would love to get involved in programs and any type of opportunity to talk to people and let them know it's so important to have communication with your children. And for the parents to really be involved and to actually pay attention to what's going on."
FROM: Why 15-Year-Old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby
Published on November 03, 2006


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