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The Portabello Estate
The Oprah Show has taken you inside celebrities' famous spaces, eco-friendly homes and some of the ugliest rooms in America. Now, Oprah's cameras are going inside the Portabello Estate, the nation's third most expensive property.

Located in the heart of Newport Beach, California, this sprawling estate has a price tag that's almost as stunning as its oceanic architecture. Currently, this home is on the market for $75 million!

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Realtor John McMonigle says Portabello—which means "beautiful door" in Italian—isn't just a house, it's a feat of engineering. "There's not a straight line in the whole thing," he says.

The home's design, which was inspired by a nautilus shell, uses rounded walls of glass, a two-story grotto and saltwater swimming pools to achieve the desired effect. "Everything here is about the ocean," John says.