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Maria returns to the New York Stock Exchange to get a feel of what it's like when trading is in full swing. On this day, the stock market is at the highest level it's ever been! Just 50 minutes after the opening bell, the Dow Jones industrial average has already gone up 21 points.

"I feel good about the economy," Maria says. "I would not be surprised to see the stock market end at another all-time high."

What advice does Maria have for women who want to start investing? Knowing where the best products are is the first step, Maria says. "We as women, we're the CEOs of our household," Maria says. "We know what we're spending the family disposable income on. Who knows better than you where the good products are?"

Once you identify what companies are producing the best products and turning a profit, it's important to do additional research, Maria says. Then, put your money into the market and hope for the best.
FROM: Inside the $75 Million House
Published on November 15, 2006


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