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Of course, one man can't run a television show by himself! Sally Jo, the associate director, helps keep the show on schedule. "I tell Oprah when to go to commercial break," Sally Jo says. "On a live show, the timing is critical."

Tara is the production designer and the lighting director. "I'm responsible for the scenery and the lighting and making everybody look good," Tara says. From the control room, Tara controls 65 moving lights and nearly 500 conventional lights. With so many bulbs burning, Harpo's electricity bill is about $65,000 a month, she says.

Sandie runs the teleprompter—the machine that Oprah sometimes reads from. "Sometimes, we're running a little late, we have to go to break, so I'll put up something that's called a tease," Sandie says. "A tease lets you at home know what's coming up in the next segment."

Heather is one of the lawyers here at Harpo. "When we're live, it's a little nerve-wracking," she says. "There's this button, which is on a seven-second delay, and if someone curses or says something they're not supposed to, then I have that short amount of time to decide whether I have to bleep them or not."

"When we're live, that's a great adrenaline rush because you get one chance at it and that's it," Joe says. "With this great team, we pull it off."
FROM: Inside the $75 Million House
Published on November 15, 2006