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Eva grew up with her three sisters on their family's ranch deep in the heart of Texas. Her mother is a special education teacher and cares for Eva's oldest sister, Elizabeth, who is mentally challenged. Eva says her parents (pictured above) made a lot of sacrifices for all their daughters. They would go without air conditioning and heat in order to make sure they had money for cheerleading or music lessons. Even though they didn't have a lot of money, Eva says, "I never knew we were that poor ... because [we] grew up with a lot of love and my family's really close."

Since her newfound success, Eva fulfilled a lifelong dream when she bought her parents a big new house. "Every day [my mom] wakes up and says, 'I feel like I won the lottery!'" Eva says. There's only one problem: Eva doesn't want her parents to furnish their new house the same way they decorated their ranch. "My mom only buys furniture that requires an instruction kit and an Allen wrench," Eva says. And because her dad enjoys hunting, his idea of decorating involves deer head trophies.
FROM: "Desperate House" Makeovers with Eva Longoria
Published on February 06, 2006


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