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For decades, Nora says she dieted and denied herself life's simple pleasures...but not anymore!

"I'm so in love with one of the most important things in life at the moment—carbs," Nora says. "I've been really good my whole life. ... Then, I just suddenly thought, ... What if you are hit by a bus and the last thing going through your head is, 'I should have had that donut?'"

If donuts aren't your thing, Nora says you should use that bottle of bath oil you've been saving and treat yourself to a long, luxurious bath or plan a weekend getaway with friends. "You should just savor everything in some way so that every day [you ask], 'Did I do the thing I really wanted to do today? Was I with the people I really wanted to be with? Was my dinner just fabulous?'" she says. "Just absolutely soak it up."

While Nora has a newfound appreciation for complex carbohydrates, Diahann says she's realized how much she values her time. "I don't want to be in the presence of something that I feel is a waste of time," she says.
FROM: Great Women and Their Anti-Aging Secrets
Published on October 05, 2006


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