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Do you have anxiety about getting older? Want to know the key to aging brilliantly? Oprah has handpicked some of the best women she knows for an unflinching look at the truth behind getting older. Meet the experts...

Diahann Carroll made TV history in 1968, becoming the first African-American actress to star in her own sitcom, Julia. In the '80s, Diahann dazzled audiences again on Dynasty. Now, at age 71, she's back on television playing Dr. Burke's mom on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

With a genius level IQ, Oscar® winner Geena Davis is the embodiment of brains and beauty. With three kids all under the age of five, and a handsome husband 15 years her junior, Geena proves that life is fabulous at 50.

Nora Ephron is the creative genius behind the two hugely popular romantic comedies When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. At age 65, this writer-director is putting her own neck on the line by revealing some of the funny and brutal truths about aging in her best-selling book, I Feel Bad About My Neck.
FROM: Great Women and Their Anti-Aging Secrets
Published on October 05, 2006


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