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Celine's son René-Charles has grown up in the spotlight, but he's no toddler anymore. "He's 7 1/2 and 3/4," she says.

In all his years, one thing about René-Charles has always remained the same—Celine and her husband, René, have never cut his hair. "I've asked him many times, 'Do you want me to trim your hair?' And he says, 'No, Mom, I like my hair like that.' We've talked about it many, many times."

Celine says she doesn't care about what René-Charles looks like, only that he grows up well. "I prefer that he has long hair, he's succeeding in school, he's doing well, he's a great human being, he's adaptable...than to have a kid with short hair who's selfish and a brat and he's not happy," she says. "We kind of decide as a family what's good for us, because what's good for us might not be good for that family. And what's good for that family might not be good for us."

Celine says she and René have thought about having another baby once her current tour ends. "I would love to be blessed again," she says. "Hopefully we are pregnant and are parents again. If not, that's fine. That's fine. We have a beautiful child."
FROM: Miracle Children with Celine Dion
Published on June 18, 2009


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