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In September 2008, Oprah and her producers were among the 13 million people who saw 16-year-old Charice Pempengco sing on YouTube. After a showstopping rendition of "My Heart Will Go On," Charice met the song's original singer via satellite—Celine!

Celine left Charice speechless with an offer to perform a duet at New York's famed Madison Square Garden. "I was a puddle when that was over," Oprah says. "I was thinking, 'That is a miracle that this child grew up drawing pictures of you with herself imagining this moment—and then that moment happened!"

Celine says in spending time with Charice, she realized how comfortable the young singer really is performing. "She rehearsed the song three times and each time she sang the song differently, and it proved to all of us that she's very comfortable. Because when somebody is very not sure, they sing the same. They learn the same stuff. They go by the book, and they don't move," Celine says. "She's not like that. She's extremely talented, but she's got this sense of what it takes as well to be flexible and to have the momentum."
FROM: Miracle Children with Celine Dion
Published on June 18, 2009


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