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Miraculously, Anthony survived the attack. He says that angels told him first to play dead so that his father would leave. When he made the 911 call, "they lifted me up to the phone," Anthony says. Then, when his father returned, Anthony played dead again.

Though Anthony now lives with his aunt in Florida—thousands of miles away from the Tillicum, Washington neighborhood where he was attacked—he has forever inspired those who helped save his life.

"Anthony has courage. He reminded us all of what that is again," Sergeant Eakes says. "Out of all the calls I've been to and all the tragic events I've been to, Anthony is number one, as far as remembering."

Kristin, the 911 operator, tells Anthony, "You really showed me what bravery is and what faith is. And you restored my faith in God, as well, that day. I know you didn't choose to be a part of my life, but you've become one by who you are and what you've done."

Anthony's father pled guilty to first-degree murder and assault. He received a sentence of more than 27 years in prison.
FROM: Stabbed by His Father: An 8-Year-Old's Chilling 911 Call
Published on May 19, 2006


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