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Despite the overpowering filth, it's never too late to clean up. First Aggie and Kim called in the reinforcements: their professional "clean team." After 24 hours and 50 trash bags, Carol's house was finally fit to live in.

Then they brought in veterinarian Jeff Woberg for the scoop on dog poop. "Unfortunately, dogs love us so much that they will deal with anything we give them," Dr. Woberg says. "The problem is there is bacteria in the stool sitting around here. E. coli, for example, is spreadable to people."

For an unclean, crusty microwave, Aggie offers a trick. "Take a bowl of very hot water with some lemons in it," she says, "and turn on the microwave for about five minutes. Leave that in there and the steam will soften all the dried-on particles of food and the lemons will give a lovely, fresh smell."

While cleaning the carpet, Kim tells Carol, "One of your dogs has urinated here, because I can smell it." What's the secret to cleaning that? "Club soda. Good old club soda, my dear. And elbow grease."
FROM: How Clean Is Your House?
Published on November 18, 2004