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"My career was going well. I had lots of friends around me. I think it showed in my body and the way I walked, the way I spoke," Andrea says. "I had decided that I was going to run a half-marathon. I started training for it. I put a lot of attention to the way I looked. I wore a lot of form-fitting clothes. When I walked into a room people noticed me, particularly men. I felt beautiful, I felt fearless, I felt bold, I felt like the world was at my feet."

Life changed for Andrea when her fiancé met another woman online. He proposed to this new woman…in the house he and Andrea had bought together!

Andrea and her son immediately left the house, but, she says, the embarrassment was difficult to deal with, and she proceeded to pack on 40 pounds. "Food is my drug of choice," she says. "I eat and eat and eat until I'm sick. I felt like I lost about 80 percent of myself in that relationship."

Now, Andrea says, "When I look in the mirror, I see a fat, unhappy woman that nobody would look twice at. I see a woman who is embarrassed to be in her body. I see regret."
FROM: Have You Let Yourself Go?
Published on October 31, 2005


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