Pistol-Packin' Granny
Tyler Perry and Oprah
In 2005, Tyler Perry hit box-office gold with his film Diary of a Mad Black Woman . Well, watch out…Madea, the tough-talking, pistol-packing granny, is back in Madea's Family Reunion !

Over the years, Tyler's popular stage shows—like Madea Goes to Jail —have grossed more than $100 million and have made Tyler a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Oprah can't get enough of Madea's antics.

"I saw Madea Goes to Jail the other night in Los Angeles, and it was a transcendent experience," Oprah says. "It was what you want theater to be. I laughed so hard I had to go home and take some Excedrin. I had a laughing headache!"

Tyler's new movie also promises big laughs. This time around, Madea adopts a troubled foster child and intervenes when her nieces' lives spin out of control…all while planning a huge family reunion.