A News Legend
Barbara Walters and Oprah
Veteran news journalist Barbara Walters recently stunned the industry when she announced she would be stepping down from her 20/20 post. She joined Oprah to talk about her private life and to take us inside the interviews that had all of us talking!

Oprah: Why are you leaving 20/20?

Barbara: I have loved what I've done…[but] I just felt it was time. 20/20 has been doing so well. I wanted to leave at the top. My daughter said it was time. I always listen to my daughter. It just felt like the right time.

Oprah: And you wanted time to do what?

Barbara: I will be able to travel and not just be in the inside of a studio. I can't tell you the number of places I've been, like China four times and never really seen China. I will have time to spend with friends…I have never been to Africa—I'm going to go in October. I will have time to be in television but to also have a life.