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More than 45 million people watched Barbara's interview with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. From thong underwear to phone sex to the infamous blue dress, every detail was revealed in the interview.

Monica says she had hoped that by doing an interview with Barbara Walters that people would be able to "get to know me as a real person, rather that a silent image of Monica Lewinsky that was up on the TV screen every night."

"The night before I was interviewed by Barbara, and the morning of, I was a nervous wreck," Monica says. "It was long, it was mentally exhausting, it was emotionally draining and it was scary. I was scared. I think I felt like I had so much riding on it, because I had just hoped that everybody in the country would all watch this interview and change their mind. The interview gave me a sense of emotional relief and it was a feeling of closure on one chapter of this nightmare."

Barbara says she likes Monica and has kept in touch with her. "Look, she was very young and she had a huge crush…she is a decent girl, and she is a good-natured girl and a good girl," Barbara says. "I wish her everything good. I think it's been very tough."
FROM: Barbara Walters
Published on September 16, 2004


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