Barbara Walters

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For 25 years as co-host of 20/20, Barbara Walters has interviewed more than 740 people. She's talked to world leaders, heads of state, music legends, movie stars and every U.S. president since Richard Nixon. Barbara's come face to face with some of the most notorious figures and convicted killers in the world.

Oprah: Were you ever nervous at any time with anybody?

Barbara: Not really. In the last 25 years, very rarely…But I have peculiar things: I have no fear of [interviewing], but you know when you go up on a dance floor and everybody does the [dancing] thing? I can't. I think everybody's looking at me.

Oprah: And when you were interviewing, is there a belief that you have that everybody has something inside worth saying or something good to tell?

Barbara: I think that everybody has something worth saying…And I think that everybody wants to be listened to. They want to explain why they did what they did.
FROM: Barbara Walters
Published on September 16, 2004