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Muffy Mead-Ferro, author of Confessions of a Slacker Mom, can relate to the conflict Lezlee and other "supermoms" feel. "After I first had kids, I let myself focus all of my love and attention on my children," Muffy says. "I let my marriage go by the wayside, and I realized that sex had become another chore. I, too, fell into bed at the end of the day not only exhausted, but irritated. … I felt it was my husband's fault that I had so much to do."

Muffy says she ditched her "supermom" schedule so her kids will have better relationships in the future. "We all want our kids to succeed, and I'm no different—even though I call myself a slacker mom," Muffy says. "I want them to be happy. My question is: What is going to get them there? When I think about what has brought me happiness in my own life, it's the relationships that I have with other people, number one. That includes my husband. And, you know, what kind of a person wants to have a relationship with somebody who's been raised to believe that they are the center of the world?"
FROM: A Mother's Controversial Confession
Published on April 20, 2005