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With all of the lies now revealed, and Mark's confession to his brothers, Thelma decided to write Mark a letter. She felt he had a right to know how she felt. Thelma said she told him that if he'd told them of his lies, they would have stood by him. The family would have tried to help him. What she most wanted to know was why instead, did he choose to murder Lori and his own unborn child?

Thelma feels nothing but love for Mark's family. She says they are wonderful people and is still very connected to them. "They have a lot harder deal here than I do," Thelma says. "I mean, it's horrible to have lost Lori. But, you know, I lost her. She was honorable and she was what was right. And I know that I'll see her again and we'll be together. Now, his parents don't have that about Mark. You know? And so I feel so sorry for them because they're such good people."
FROM: Exclusive: Lori Hacking's Mom Comes Forward
Published on September 14, 2004